Kivinen Osmo, Hedman Juha & Peltoniemi Kaisa

Productivity of research by disciplines in Finland in 2002-2006.

Report 73. 2008 This report presents an analysis of Finnish universities’ scientific productivity by disciplines between the years 2002 and 2006. The analysis includes nine fields of research: natural sciences, technical sciences, medicine, business administration, social sciences, humanities, psychology, education and nursing science. The basic units of the analysis comprise discipline-by-university compounds. The productivity of scientific units is evaluated by fields of research. The analysis shows that the most productive units are concentrated in Turku , Helsinki and Jyväskylä. The least productive units are more evenly scattered across the country. Moreover, the distribution of refereed articles entered in the KOTA database by universities are compared with the corresponding distribution of refereed articles in the Web of Science. As comes to the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology the disparity in publication volumes is minimal. On the contrary, in some other universities the difference between the number of publications in two databases is clear.